6 Myths Busted About Serviced Accommodation

We’ve been about for a while and heard it all. But what are we not?


We are not a hotel. Contrary to belief, we don’t have a receptionist, paper thin walls and beds, that, quite frankly you probably are better sleeping on the floor. Instead we are the alternative to hotels and provide the best homely experience on the south coast. All properties are strategically located to cater for city centre, good transport and social links. We do have dedicated blocks that only stock professionals, like you, that like to take advantage of the home from lifestyle.

Do Not Disturb. We’ve all had that rude awakening, the time when we must vacate the room when actually we were in a comfortable state in deep sleep. We don’t do that. It is your time and your space and you tell us when you want the place cleaned. We offer a ‘late check-out’ service so you can make the most of your stay.

We Won’t Do Your Washing. But we do offer the facilities to! Each serviced property has the white goods needed to freshen up your wardrobe, an iron, and a fully equipped kitchen so you can show off your culinary skills to your friends and family.

You can bring your pets. Our office has been no stranger to a dogs, Guinea Pigs and a couple of stray cats in the back yard. Each one has been given the Town or Country love as they are important too. At selected properties, your pets have the chance to room in spacious gardens and surroundings, just let us know on booking and we’ll tell you more then.

The Family won’t fit. Yes they will. Over the years we have catered for families on relocation, who needed emergency housing or were looking for a base to stay until their next chapter. Or, on the other hand, you may just want a break from them, we can help here too. All properties have dining areas, fast and fibre broadband and good entertainment systems to keep them occupied.

We are not 24 hour. We do operate during office hours, of course. That said, we have an oncall 24 hours a day and is one of our front of house staff who live within the areas of our properties. We always do our best to meet and greet you. We have security lock boxes that hold unique codes to your property, which you will get with your Information Pack on booking.

So, if you have a dilemma then stress none, we’ve got this.


Ben Glover

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