Best Locations For Forest Bathing Near Southampton

Forest bathing may first sound like that of an overpriced spa treatment.But luckily for us, it is actually not!

The art of forest bathing is based on time taken out of the long working day, to immerse yourself within nature, and soak up the relaxation between the forestry and the land. All while being completely free of charge!

Where Did Forest Bathing Originate?

The activity of forest bathing originated in Japan in the 1980’s. The idea, surprisingly, is not literally bathing in the forest, there is no water involved as such. But it is an experience in which the partaker goes into nature to appreciate the surroundings they see, feeling the textures and creating a sense of wellbeing that will ripple throughout their core.

Looking at things in a new light, Forest Bathing is ideal for those wanting to slow down, taking note of their own senses, while relaxing and breathing fully, soaking in the fresh air of the forest.

The Japanese name for forest bathing is Shinrin-Yoku.‘Yoku’ meaning to shower- translated in this case to bathe. In this day and age, having the time or even motivation to have a break and absorb the nature around us is rare, but, by slowing down and taking a step back from technology and everyday stresses, you could see a significant benefit to your health and well being.

The Best Places To Forest Bathe Around Southampton

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Although it may be a city, in and around Southampton are an array of various forests perfect for those wanting to take walks, be active or get lost and try their hand at forest bathing.

Holly Hill

The perfect location to begin your forest bathing experience. Holly Hill is a peaceful park, offering numerous nature walks to unwind and explore. From 70 acres of woodlands and more than 5 acres of lakes, Holly Hill even features a beautiful waterfall that makes a soothing backdrop when forest bathing.
Round on the banks of the River Hamble, at Holly Hill Woodland Park you can find a selection of exotic trees and flowers, as well as wildlife, sparking adventure and igniting your senses.

New Forest

Just a short 20 minutes drive away from Southampton is the spectacular New Forest.

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When visiting the New Forest, whether for a day or for a weekend, you can explore the 566km” of land, making it a top place for those wanting to try forest bathing.
With an open heathland, forest trails, when visiting the New Forest you will see and meet many of the native ponies and cattle that roam the area grazing off the forest floor.

A large, calming and relaxing area, take a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with a visit to the New Forest.

Allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty of the surrounding nature, with Exbury Gardens and Denny Wood a top choice for visiting meditators, there are a handful of exciting options for you to explore. For those keen forest bathers wanting to stay longer, available at the New Forest is its own forest bathing retreat. Featuring a weekend full of relaxation, nurturing and self care, all while reconnecting with the great outdoors.

Westwood Woodland Park

Another top top for those wanting to experience the joy that is forest bathing close to Southampton and that is visiting Westwood Woodland Park. Located close to the city centre, this woodland has a large greenery with ancient woodlands and stream walks.

When sitting, relaxing and soaking in the atmosphere surrounding the Westwood, you cannot escape the sound of resulting from forest critters and birds nestling in the trees above. Improving your sense of wellbeing while creating a deep state of relaxation, Westwood is only a 14 minute drive from the centre of Southampton.

What To Do After Forest Bathing?

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Whether you choose to forest bath for 10 minutes of two hours, choosing accommodation close by is key. Allowing you to get quickly to and from your woodland of choice, minimise the amount of stress you endure with a handy located accommodation.

When staying in Southampton, a serviced apartment for yourself or a group to stay in, can continue the relaxation in a home away from home. These apartments can be found all the way around the city, from marina to woodland. With everything you could possibly need, included, enjoy a well deserved rest when staying at a Serviced Apartment in Southampton.

Including, staying within the area you are rather then travelling long distances late at night, can really take away the benefits gained from the forest bathing experience. Read up on these tips as to why staying in accommodation is more beneficial then many would think. Don’t ruin your experience!


With the benefits of forest bathing apparent now more than even, when it comes to conducting this ancient meditation technique, choosing a relaxing and tranquil location is key.

For those visiting Southampton, wanting to try their hand at this ancient Japense art, look no further than the surrounding woods of the New Forest and Holly Hill.

Allowing you to unwind, turn off the mobile phone, forest bathing is the perfect treatment for those wanting to unwind and rid themselves of the stress experienced everyday .

When staying in Southampton, look no further and stay at a Serviced Apartment, allowing you to unwind in a home away from home.

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