Buzz words 2018


That was 2017 then. The quickest year ever. You’ve probably arrived at this time of the month and thinking you actually didn’t get to do what you set out 12 months ago. Ditto. Still there is always 2018. Here are some of the big words that will make a return in the next 12.


Yep, you’ve tried very hard to recycle your rubbish into the correct bins and thank goodness, the Ozone can breath a sigh of relief. Maybe not.

Our oceans have level critical when it comes to plastic found, the ozone layer is about to become the equivalent of a pneumothorax. There will be plenty of ways to do your bit:

1) Go hybrid

2) Go bicycling

3) Up cycling (not on two wheels)

4) Go electric

At Town or Country we are always doing our bit for the environment; recycling where we can, encouraging the use of linen/towels more than once and sourcing the best tea or coffee that we know is sustainable. We encourage the use of car clubs in and around our city based properties. There has been an interest in Yo Bike, the cycle hire that you can unlock from your smartphone.

Well being

You are important. As you get older your health and mental state should be high priority. With the added pressures of every day life it’s is important to keep the balance of business and pleasure.

Go for that walk after work, schedule in some you time daily and eat well. It’s our ethos that our serviced properties are a sanctuary to relax and be that home from home. Pretty much all you have to do is stay.

Join a gym. You’ll hear and see that a lot over the next few weeks. You do not have to though, for the price of a yearly gym membership you could buy your self a bike or even a kayak, much more fun than watching sweaty people in their active wear grunting in front of the mirror.


Never have we had to look after our hard earned Dollar. With economic changes in the pipe line it is important we save for a rainy day. Think ahead: what are the cheaper alternatives? Where will I get value for money? How can my savings be better invested? Remember, with us at Town or Country you pay per property and not per person. We have the property to suit your needs for work or pleasure.


Yep! The ‘B’ word. Right up there again for 2018. As we storm our way to divorcing Europe things may not be as bad as they are made out to be. Either way, as a local and family run company we shall still be here giving you that best staying experience ever, from wherever you are in the world.

We often attend business networking events and with our dedicated Business 2 Business manager we are always on the pulse of business climate and change.

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