Can Serviced Properties Contribute to Wellbeing?



If, like me, you have done a bit of travelling over the years, you will know that hotel life can often be a lonely place, even if you are travelling with a companion. It is all good and well being in that exciting location but sometimes you miss home.

Getting away from it all is a good temporary fix, highly recommended in this digital, fast paced world. But no matter how big or small your problem, sometimes we are just returning to where we left off.

A sanctuary must be sought; a place to think and tackle problems head on, whether it is that business deal you need to smash or a more personal issue closer to home. The hotel room may not always be the case. ‘Travelling Depression’ is a new approach that is not a confirmed diagnosis. In simple terms, it may well be a break from reality but that reality is one that is to be returned too. Being confined to a small room may not always be the answer.

Whilst there are some gorgeous hotels out there, having the space and time, essentially your own, is important. Having discovered serviced accommodation over 10 years ago I have never looked back. And being Mental Health Awareness week, how could a space such as this contribute to wellbeing?


A bed is for laying in. A sofa is for sitting on and a table is for eating. Each of these items are all found in your home and thus a serviced property should reflect this. Having the comfort of sticking your feet up to watch Netflicks or the good old fashioned telly gives you that ‘R’ factor…relaxing. To relax is of uber importance; it calms the chemicals of our brain that were dancing non-stop in the day, it releases good chemicals that calm us down.

Many properties are located purposely for their views. Many I have encountered often sit on the waters edge of a city, gracefully stand proud on the outskirts and some in marinas. If that is not for you studio apartments in the heart of the city can still offer you the right connectivity to reality whilst giving you the chance to step out of the ‘rat race’ and relax within. Sit on the balcony and watch the world glide by…

Eat Well, Drink Well

Food and drink are the fuel of life. Many serviced properties have kitchens that are fully equipped, for you to knock up that dinner for one or more. Give your opportunity away from home to eat well, drink well, and go to bed early. It’ll be a good discipline for when you have to check out.

Your time

Serviced accommodation is not like hotels; often a wake up call asking you to check-out is a rude awakening. A select amount of properties are often away from dedicated blocks and even those that are often do not require a ‘knock at the door’ to move you on. It is your space, your time, your schedule. In essence, giving you more time to relax.

Stress Free

Stress is a strong word; even just saying it produces a negative impact. At a recent visit to a science museum, I was showing a display to my children that was first created in 1970. It showed a piece of perspex plastic that had a handle. Under the slightest of pressure the clear plastic would turn white with the stress forced upon it. Life does not take too much for us to turn from ‘clear’ to ‘white’. Serviced accommodation is set up to be ‘stress free’:

  • A parking space available
  • Easy access to your property, even out of hours
  • 24 hr call out
  • A fridge that can be filled up on arrival, saves having to find a late night supermarket
  • A Welcome Pack, detailing not just the WiFi code but what can be found in the surrounding area.


Now, this may contradict all of the above, but exercise is important. Non easier than a walk. Selected serviced properties are often in areas of natural beauty, including the city. In Southampton, UK, for example, many guided walks along the marinas and docks of this historic city are a perfect getaway and chance to discover a new area.

A brisk jog and then back in for a hot shower or bath sets you up for the day and night. Go on, get out there.


Having a social life is important. From a decent coffee shop to that perfect meal in a restaurant, there is always something to do around your serviced property. Town or Country, on the south coast of the UK, even offer an exclusive Discount Card giving many savings to local facilities. From beauty to afternoon tea, there is something for everyone.

To summarise, if it is space you need in your life why restrict yourself? A serviced property, in my mind, gives you the opportunity to be yourself, be with others and essentially, a peace of mind.

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