How To Keep A Cool Head In The Office

As the UK basks in it’s one week of sunshine for the summer sometimes it is hard to keep a cool head, especially when it comes to business. Use these for when the heat is really on.

How To Keep A Cool Head In The Office

It starts at the wardrobe. Choose wisely. By the time lunchtime comes you would probably already sweated the equivalent of three pints just walking to the photocopier. Keeping things light and airy are the way forward. For the gents don’t be afraid to rock the linen look, it’s back in for summer ’17. You can still look smart, even with a pair of shoe socks. And for the ladies a light flowing dress will certainly keep the airflow through the office. If you are having a trousers day keep the top half light with a loose blouse or top.

Avoid heavy food on the lunch breaks. Nipping to Nandos with the IT lot this lunchtime may not be the best decision ahead of the afternoon graft. Consuming carbs such as bread, pasta or potatoes gives the body a longer digestive time in the heat, especially if you are already tired, as your body is already producing some breaking it all down. Grabbing something like a salad not only lightens up the rest of the day it will be part of your five a day. Well done you.

Avoid the Coffee

Yes and this is the hard part of summer but caffeine and heat don’t marry too well. Coffee dehydrates the body and that is never a good thing. Switch your latte for a fruit cooler, packed with plenty of energy and vitamins to get you through the day. Or why not make your own at home.

Water, Water, Water

How To Keep A Cool Head In The Office

Ditch the plastic bottle with sports cap you got with your meal deal at Tesco and settle for a 2 litre monster from Amazon. Set yourself a goal by taking in a water bottle that has fluid levels on the side of it. That way your can gauge how much you drink (at least 3-4 pints a day). This could be a hard task but it doesn’t have to be. As soon as you wake up by downing a pint of water first thing not only sharpens up the senses but helps the heart get out of it’s sleep mode and hydrated. Oh and that is the first pint done; just 3 more to go. It will contribute to looking after your bladder too, with the aim for your urine to be as light in colour as possible. If it’s too yellow or dark drink more.

Audio Bliss

By listening to music this can help keep you cool, perfect for the commute in or out. Classic FM might be a bit extreme but by treating your ears to The XX or Dua Lipa will certainly keep you cool with the kids…

Ice Polls in the Freezer

How To Keep A Cool Head In The Office

Take yourself back to the age when you didn’t have a care in the world and cola iced polls tasted better when melted. Relive your ‘youff’ by bunging in a bag load into the work freezer. They are good fun to hand out during the lunch break or at the desk.

Switch Off

Monitors, desk tops and even mobile phones all bang out the heat when they are sat at the desk. Switch them off when you do not need them. This includes the light bulbs or if you are still living in 1981 turn off the spots and replace them with LEDs that give off less heat.

Breathe Deep

A yogic breathing technique can help you stay cool. Roll your tongue and breathe slowly through the mouth, to help lower body heat and ease stress. Breathe in through your rolled tongue (or, if you’re not genetically able to, purse the lips) and exhale through the nose. Breathing through the mouth should allow your saliva to cool the air you breathe before it enters your lungs. Best done out of the office for fear of making you look a right div at your desk.

Day Dream

The office day dream is often the best part of the day. By thinking of being in the snow or staying in an ice hotel or an air conditioned serviced accommodation can help reduce the temperature.

Sleep Well and Naked!

There is nothing wrong in going commando. The less clothes at bed time the better. Pull out the duvet and sleep with the sheet on top of you. That way you get the best of both worlds and a good sleep!

Ben Glover

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