iTunes – what you may or may not know


If like me you spend more money on coffee than booze each month welcome to the club. Chances are you probably have a gym membership, spend more time with your mates (sober at least) and have a healthy array of songs on your smartphone.

I’ve been stuck in the 90’s since, well 1999. Maybe not physically, the silver hair testament to a ‘harsh’ work regime but musically. That particular moment in time was when I grew up. Sure ‘growing up’ could be perceived as the first ten years of your life have memories etched into your brain of being around the grandparents, your first school, your first funeral or the moment your dad went crazy and bought a Porsche. For me it has been 1990 on wards. From this humble decade of Naff Naff beginnings there were plenty of firsts to be had.

My secondary school career began and from a lanky framed person as myself was not an easy task. My mother constantly un-hemming trousers to stop the bigger lads taking the piss and undoubtedly shouting out ‘bell bottoms’ or ‘ankle bangers’ as I patrolled the corridors with my market bought or often hand me down ruck sack. My head hitting every door frame of the classroom and why was I always at the back of the yearly photograph?

But what carried me through this decadent time frame was music. A healthy obsession for club music that packed in everything from trance to what we now know as big anthems. Aged 14 it was easy to get into raves with warehouses crammed from of sweaty bobbed haired fellas and dungaree wearing girls, each magnetised to the huge bass bins vibrating on every speaker. Most of their heads on the Mitsubishi Ecstasy tablets doing the rounds whilst I only ever went for the music and the dancing.

It is no surprise that my iTunes is packed full of anthems, taking me ‘back in the day’ to the old skool bangers that gave me freedom of movement on the dance floor, constantly giving it the ‘ooop ooop’ and reaching for the lazers. in the hallows of a warehouse in Plymouth. Accept they aren’t.

My 90’s playlist would put Judge Jules and Dave Pearce (DJs by the way) to shame. I’ve spent well over £200 a year on songs, not just the anthems. My most played was ‘Born Slippy – Underworld’, a 12 minute hedonistic journey that stepped me back into the clubs, each lyric harping back to my first ‘obsession’ with a girl called Kerry (much older than me at the time, I had no chance). At a recent Boot Camp I needed a pick me up anthem, a ‘Rocky’ style pump ready for 60 minutes brutality in my active wear. Imagine the horror when I find it’s no longer there. It is like losing a best mate you often see for lunch or coffee. I searching every thing, title, artist, albums, downloads and even purchased – nothing.

Apple are not always the easiest people to get too – whilst we are asleep in our beds we assume they are awake and working from their sunshine glinted office in California. I jumped on the Support tab and sent an email. I was quite surprised to find a reply within an hour.

So why does iTunes trash your tunes?

When you download a song to your iTunes did you know that you do not technically own it? Not even with the whole 99 p you worked so hard for to buy it. Here is what the lovely Bernard told me:
‘Ben, upon carefully checking your account thoroughly, I do apologize (how they spell in the U.S), I’ve determined that the reason why you cannot re-download the “Born Slippy” is because the content was modified by the content provider.

Please note that an item can be modified for several reasons such as change in version, upgrades/updates that the content provider, production company or record label do.

In addition to that, when the changes are applied by the developer, the item goes back to the store as a new version and the older version becomes obsolete and is therefore, deleted. Thus, preventing you to re-download the item.

I know your files are valuable to you, so I encourage you to back up your hard disk regularly. If the disk needs to be replaced, you can restore your purchases and other data from the backup and avoid the need to purchase replacement copies of your collection’.

A fine reply from Bernard that has taken a part of my life way and lesson learned. I did reply hoping for a refund alas I was given credits to download some new tunes, of which, sadly my 12 minute trip into 1995 can no longer revived and will just have to settle for the 7′ 32″ version instead.

So, back up your files else not only will you loose your tracks back your fine memories too.

Ben Glover

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