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Budgets. These days a poignant topic for any household. So what is it like for the solo traveller on a budget of £170? A regular guest to Town or Country gives you the lowdown on their stay in both.

Day 1 Wednesday

1300 – Check In

The hotel I stayed at we offering a one night stay in a standard room at approx £170 (including breakfast). Situated on a busy arterial road, just outside a town centre it offered a close link to the motorway, perfect for work. Car parking was easy and the whole process, although long winded seemed to go OK. Initially there was not a room available to me but after a call to housekeeping I was in within 20 minutes. Card details left I made my way to a double room (x2 single beds).

1330 – Room Entry

The hotel was fairly large in size, two stories high and I was on the second floor. It was a bit of a walk, especially with lap top bag, duffel bag and large dry bag in tow. As you would expect, the room was nicely made and there was plenty of storage. As a music junkie the in-house info-tainment was switched on and I unpacked my bags.

Logging onto the WiFi took a while and it was very slow. I had a good signal but was just not able to get a good speed to connect iPhone, Chromebook and tablet.

The usual suspects were in free of charge; kettle, tea, coffee and those annoying cartons of milk (usually four is sufficient just for one mug!). The bathroom housed it’s standard shampoo, conditioner and soap, good quality too. Oodles of towels as standard. For now the luxuries would have to wait, it was time for work and I would be back late into the evening.

1400 – Depart hotel to work

Day 2 Thursday

0130 – Bedtime

Was later back in than planned. The foyer doors were closed but on activating the concierge bell I was let in and trekked a few hundred yards to my room. It was warm, cosy but I was not expecting so much traffic along the adjoining arterial road. Even that early in the morning and with decent soundproofing I did struggle to get to sleep.

The bed was comfy albeit that I am a fussy pillow man (I like a fairly firm one underneath a soft one on top). Being of a tall frame, 6 feet seven in stock, beds are a problem. And if you are a ‘sprawler’ often feet hang out of the duvet. That said it was comfortable.

0700 – Rude Awakening

There is nothing that gets my goat more than being woken up by noisy voices or in this case roadworks. The A road I was residing next too appears to be going for construction that would be worthy of the Noble Prize. I’ve never seen so many cones or diggers in one space. I decided to get up and use the free gym on site.

I didn’t opt for the breakfast option, quite frankly £10 for a full English compared to the £4.99 unlimited a restaurant was offering 2 miles down the road just wasn’t worth it. I opted for a pack of travellers Corn Flakes (the Variety pack issue).

0800 – The gym

As a keen fitness buff (I am one of those annoying selfie-ers on Insta that loves to show off in my active wear) I made use of the free gym on site before check out at 1200. It was OK, equipment limited and ageing although adequate for a quick blast. At one point I had the whole place to myself which made taking selfies for my 1300 followers much easier.

0900 – Shower

I don’t have to go into great detail here, a hotel shower in a standard room, is just a jet of hot water thrown out of a tile. And being of tall stature I did struggle to get right under as it is unable to be removed or adjusted in height. (I used my own shower gel and kept the posh stuff for another time, I mean, who doesn’t, right?). Just the two towels were used, quite frankly anything other than that and I feel another hole on the Ozone layer would occur inducing a guilt trip for the laundry team. I am sure that is not the case but a tree has been saved.

A hair dryer was hidden inside one of the drawers by the mirror, it did the job. And in honesty, so did the room.

1000 – Check out

I did have a word at the desk regarding the noise, I don’t often like to complain but that fact I looked like death after a long day at the office and a few hours decent kip I did get a bit of money off. Not much though. Staff were friendly and I made my way out of the foyer and back into my car.

‘Overall, if looking for a basic stay, for under £170 it was OK. Staying as a business professional perhaps, if budget allowed, a more upgraded room would be appropriate. But for well over £200 the budget could just not justify. It was neither luxurious nor thrilling for the money. But, I cannot help but feel that, as a serviced accommodation regular, there is better for value with your own apartment. And I am not just saying that’.

Keep an eye on the next ‘live’ blog for the reasons why as we stay in a city serviced property on a similar budget.

Blogger: Mik Matthews (Business Professional)

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