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Portsmouth has a successful Park & Ride system.












Public transport links within the vicinity of our serviced properties have been superb. From access to motorways, train stations and airport, we have them sorted.

Recently though, with public transport becoming more popular, where is the Park & Ride for Southampton? With a city as large as it is Southampton appears to be ‘behind’ compared to it’s neighbour’s Winchester and Portsmouth.

Portsmouth City Council reclaimed old Ministry Of Defence land that saw a vast car park and interchange facility that launched in 2014. A bus leaves every 10-15 minutes with a short run time into the city, making it a popular choice for business and students. Located on the very busy M275, dedicated bus lanes bypass the traffic offering a stress free commute.

Winchester has similar, although a longer run time into the city, still proves popular for those who want to avoid the queues, connecting commuters with business and shoppers with some retail therapy without having to pay high parking charges.

Southampton, however, does not have such a system. Of course, with the cruise terminal a huge income for the city, there are plenty of long stay car parks within the vicinity. With traffic via all routes on the road, surely it would be a benefit for a Park & Ride to be in place for the city?

The argument is land. Southampton can be accessed from the west country, the north and south east, a location would prove a difficult find and with more than one a possible logistical nightmare that may not prove cost effective. That said, the many commuters that get stuck in traffic queues in the city leave, on average, an hour earlier just to get into work on time. That’s precious time away from family, friends or partners. And, let’s not forget, at the end of the day as well.

What is the solution in the meantime?

Public transport in our cities on the south coast has always been good; rail services offer good commuting pick up points, the bus network is frequent and cycle paths are in place to travel safely into your place of work.

Could a tram system for Southampton be on the cards? The last tram left the rails in 1949 and since the city’s roads have only changed, geographically, only slightly. Disruption would be inevitable whilst infra structure was place, but a modern and sleek city, that Southampton is becoming, really could do with something.

The beauty of a serviced property within our city centre portfolio ensures that you can have a hassle free journey to your destination. For those who we accommodate on the outskirts of the city, we ensure you can be where you want to be. With the advent of a possible congestion charge in our inner cities, will Southampton be left behind?

Ben Glover


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