Saving Your Mobile Battery


You’ve just come back from that killer meeting. You smashed it. Then you forget to send that email. Reaching for your phone it has just died. Battery done. Here is how to make the juice in your smartphone last.


Turn down the screen brightness

Whacking your mobile phone screen to full brightness is pretty the same as using your torch as night (we’ve all done it to fit the key into the lock!). With LED tech inside your mobile there isn’t any need to have it so bright, there is even a feature to automatically adjust according to the light.

Stop the push notifications

You email is always updating regularly and in contact with a server. Head to your settings and set up notifications for WiFi only.

Close the apps

As each app is open you are sending info to and from you and the source. It is constantly collecting data and as a result using energy. The biggest culprits include Facebook and What’s App. Use your phone’s battery setting to see what uses up the most power and close when not needed.

Always use WiFi where you can

With 4G constantly engaged for caller and internet use it will take up a lot of your daily energy. But connecting to WiFi use someone else’s bill to download the big stuff…like at any of our serviced properties!

Easy on the music

Did you know battery life is sucked out more when you listen to music? If getting your groove on requires using iTunes listen off line to look after the charge.

Charge when dead!

Regular charging through the day when the battery is not weak can cause issues with your battery. Try and run the battery down until ZERO then give a full charge. Use only manufacturers plugs and leads for fast recharge!

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