SIX Must Have Gadgets The Serviced Property Guest Needs In Their Life!


BagSmart – Cable Organiser


Bag smart

How many cables do you posses? USB, HDMI, ear phones, travel adaptor…no matter how tightly you wrap them up they always seen to tangle worse than fresh spaghetti. Thanks to the Bag Smart organiser this is now a thing of the past! With all your wires in one handy sized wallet this is the best way to keep all your cables in shape!

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness

Losing weight, gaining weight, there are many apps that can do the job. Few come close to tracking your progress than My Fitness Pal. Developed by sports wear makers Under Armour not only can you achieve your goals but nutrition too. Clever tech within the app allows you to scan a bar code of your food or snacks to determine whether your target is being met.

Sandless Beach Mat

Beach mat


Sand. It gets everywhere! With the summer fast approaching it is good to know that, at the end of the day, you can pick up your towel without flying particles of sand at everyone else. With it’s military grade material, any sand that happens to accumulate on the mat will quickly disappear through to the other side in an instant, creating a sand-free environment in which to relax, and if there does happen to be any large lumps of sand, you can simply rub the sand into the mat with your hand and watch it disappear.

Portable Cocktail Kit!


Yes. This is a portable cocktail kit, equipped with everything you need to craft two proper beverages in style, anywhere, anytime. Compact enough to fit in a pocket, W&P’s slick Carry-On Cocktail Kit is the best bet for mixologists on the go, offering a handy recipe card, stainless steel spoon/muddler, linen coaster, and all the ingredients for two proper in-flight concoctions. Our’s is a Sunset Boulevard…

                                                               Camelbak Water Purifier 


All our serviced properties have water that can be consumed straight from the tap. But we understand you might like to purify your’s anyway. The CamelBak All Clear is a state-of-the-art device capable of transforming almost any tap or clear natural water source into pure drinking water in just 60 seconds. The 0.75-litre water purifier bottle is equipped with rechargeable lithium ion batteries and uses UV light to neutralise viruses and bacteria. Overall, this is an excellent way to save money on bottled water and get safe drinking water while on the go.

                                                                 Iron Man Travel Charger


Standby all Marvel lovers! There are battery banks and then there is the Iron Man Mark V Armor Suitcase Mobile Fuel Cell. It comes equipped with an outstanding 12,000 mAh battery capacity, helping you power your mobile devices on the go. The charger is compatible with most smartphones and any other USB-compatible gear, and its two USB ports allow you to charge two devices simultaneously. Bound to thrill any Iron Man fan, this cool gizmo is actually a 1/4 scale replica of the original suitcase that brings to life Tony Stark’s armor in Iron Man 2’s Grand Prix de Monaco race track scene.


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