Win At Life! Handy Tips To Save Some Money

It’s the end of the month. You have just been paid, which gives you the green light to live and spend like a king or queen if only for just 24 hrs. Then the haemorrhage of bills ensues its exit from your account. But, there are still ways to keep your luxuries and spend less on them.


Go For The Filter Coffee

With the average price of a large coffee hitting the £2.90 mark, it’s verging on the same as a pint from ‘Spoons, without the pie chucked in with it. Switching to filter coffee is usually £1 off in most coffee houses, tastes just as good and is always fresh. Plus a top-up is usually free and if you re-use a paper cup or one for life then you’ll get some money off too.

The Reduced Section

Three times a day one section of your supermarket gets special attention as items that are about to hit their ‘Best By’ date are about to be thrown out. Go sift through them all, scoop up all the meat (bread too) and throw them into your freezer. It’ll still be good to go a month later. And it’s not just the meat, it’s the fruit and vegetables too. All still good for another 24 hours and a few quid off.

Get With a Work Colleague

Awkward. Well, actually not. Shacking up with other friends from work in serviced accommodation is the perfect way to save some money. Pay per property and not per person. You can also save money by using the fully equipped kitchens to cook. Aprons optional.

Our Neptune Serviced Apartment

Used Take Away Tubs

Whilst its purpose is to deliver complete stodgy goodness to your place of residence, they have a second life. Cooking up your meals for the week and storing them accordingly takes the beef out of the morning and wondering what to make for the lunch hour. It’ll save you a shed load of cash on food bills too.

Get Out Of The Zone

Who here does the same routine: wake up, go to work, go home, sleep, repeat. Chuck a bit of variation into your day. Park the car a few streets away or get off a station earlier on the train and walk the rest. Beneficial for those who work in the city. Grab a tube map and work out if you can get off in the zone before, saving you a few pennies daily on the ride. (Our serviced properties come with secure parking, for an extra fee and with close links to public transport and the city, a nice walk is just what you need).

Did you know we are the only Serviced Accommodation company on the south coast to offer exclusive money off to guests with our Discount Card?

Ben Glover


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